Li Duggan

I am originally from China, but am now a proud Irish citizen and have lived in Ireland for the past 13 years. I graduated as a general nurse in 1997 in HanZhong, China. I worked as a Medical, Surgical and Theatre nurse in a Triple A hospital (the highest standard of medical care in China). This hospital had an 800 bed capacity and a Traditional Chinese Medicine Ward. I gained extensive and valuable experience and by 2005 I was a both a nurse and a tutor to newly qualified medical practitioners in the hospital.

I came to Ireland in 2007 and not long after started working as an operating theatre nurse in the Rotunda hospital. Over the course of my ten year career in the Rotunda I became increasingly convinced of the benefits of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine as a treatment for pain relief, fertility, circulation and aiding the digestive system. I am a qualified and highly experienced nurse and surgical assistant. I am also a qualified acupuncture and Chinese traditional medicine practitioner. I am a member of the acupuncture council of Ireland.

I have studied and practiced Chinese medicine and acupuncture in both China and Ireland. I believe that my wide ranging knowledge in both the Irish and Chinese medical systems gives me a unique insight into how to apply the correct treatments to patients individual needs. I travel back to China regularly to further perfect my skills and attend conferences and seminars to keep up to date with emerging developments in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Looking forward to meeting you,

- Li



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20+ Years Experience

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